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Hybrid Composer Migration


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    samguptausa started the conversation


    We are trying to migrate from HybridCompsoer and LandKit to  Elementor. My understanding is that there is no easy way of migrating and we will have to recreate the whole site from scratch.

    Also, as per your advice, we created the podcast pages using Hybrid Composer. By any chance, is there a way to migrate those pages without manually creating each of them? The episode pages are not even available inside the WordPress instance once we disable the HybridComposer. What would be the easiest to export these pages and import?


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    Gabriel replied

    Hi Sam, there's no easy way to migrate data from one builder to another. You can try an import / export plugin (like this one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/jc-importer/) to export to csv, then back to WordPress, but you will still need to recreate most of the content.

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    samguptausa replied

    Thanks, I was able to import all of the episodes to our post content using a simple replacement of post type and import using the default importer of WordPress. We are creating pages. I was worried about posts and episodes.