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issue in contact form


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    rsandoval started the conversation

    Hi , i´ve some issue with the contact form , 

    + in Chrome the mail is not sent (the button doesnt work) 

     + in firefox , the same and aditional the last info 

    + as in the attached imagen , the form name is over expose in text 

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    Gabriel replied

    Hi, button is not clickable because the section below overwrites the pointer event.

    Add this to the Style filed of the section below the form (section_UUTJV)

    pointer-events: none;

    As for the text overlapping, this is because you had both label and placeholder enabled. Label has a transition effect. I noticed you fixed it.

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    rsandoval replied

    Txs , it already works the form and the email is sent , 

    About the text overlaping , just works in chorme , firefox and safari shows the issue, i´ve already clean cookies etc, is there any other thing i can try ?

    Other question , in mobile , as the attached imagen , the info that appears on the image (web view , attached image) is not showing on mobile


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      web view.png

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    Gabriel replied

    Hi, checked on both Safari and Firefox and it looks good:


    It's probably cache, try to flush it again and see if it works.

    About the mobile issue, add this to Theme Options - Customizations - CSS Global:

    @media (max-width: 992px) {
        max-height: 1600px !important;
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    rsandoval replied

    Excelent Gabriel!

    Txs a lot for the support , 

    have a nice week !