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  • MILA IAKUBENKO started the conversation


    the countdown widget is not displaying words "Days", "Hours", "Minutes" and so on.
    How do I change this please? 
    Thank you.  

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    Gabriel replied

    Hi, this is a recent bug. I'm adding it to the updates list.

    To fix it, replace wp-content/plugins/hybrid-composer/admin/admin-style.css

    Hit Ctrl + Shift + R a few times on your page editor after the upload.

    Attached files:  admin-style.css.zip

  • MILA IAKUBENKO replied

    Hi Gabriel, 
    Thank you for your reply.

    I've updated the file but the words still don't show on my screen

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    Gabriel replied

    Hi, did you update the text on page editor?


  • MILA IAKUBENKO replied

    Ouch! No, sorry, The reason being my monitor is being not properly calibrated. 

    Opened the back end on my IOS and voila, I actually can see what you see!

    Thank you for your help!

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    Gabriel replied


    If you updated admin-style.css, make sure you hit Ctrl (Cmd on mac) + Shift + R on the page editor to load the new styles and fix the days/hours/minutes forms issues.