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Polylang not working


  • nesem started the conversation

    Hi I can not translate the pages on the website. When chosing to add one of the language to the main page, I have to enter a page name and save it. when saved the page can be viewed but it is not connected to the original page, It can not be accesed. Can you please help to fix this?

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    Gabriel replied

    Hi, I can see the pages look good on your website:



    Not sure what you mean by "page can not be accessed"?

  • nesem replied

    Hi Gabriel,

    No I have used another plugin called translatePress. When I use Polylang It says I need to translate my homepage. No matter what I do, the page translated will only be saved as a single page. Means I can not go from homepage language a to language b etc.

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    Gabriel replied

    I've just tested Polylang on my end and it works well. Can you setup a temp admin for me to take a look at your install. I'm not sure what to recommend at this point.