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Manual Demo-Import


  • Tommy2345 started the conversation


    I'd like to import the demo content. Unfortunately the import via backend doesn't work, so I want to import manually. The documentation says: "Sometimes the demo import won't work (usually due to server permissions). In that case, use manual install (look for One Click Install not working? on the bottom of the page)."

    But I can't find the topic "One Click Install not working?", neither at the bottom of the page, nor anywhere else.

    Could you give me a short guide how to do the manual import? I have the files for the demo content, but am unsure where to put them, and if there has to be done anything with the database.

    Thanks in advance

    Jan Kriedner

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    Gabriel replied

    Hi Jan, this is where you should see the message:


    If it's not there, there are probably some issues with your install. I could help debug this, but I will need admin access to your install.

  • Tommy2345 replied

    Hi Gabriel, thanks for your reply. I was now able to import the Demo. But shouldn't there be a new page with the demo content? The import of the demo ran through steps 1 to 8 without giving any errors, but I can't find a new page with the demo content (corporate).

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    Gabriel replied

    Yeah, then something is surely not working well.

    You can try the suggestions here: https://socanny.ticksy.com/article/13868/

    Or I could take a look if you could setup a temp admin for me.

  • Tommy2345 replied

    Again, thanks for your quick help! I had to set the folder permissions to 755, mea culpa, could have thought of that myself. Now it's working fine as expected. :)

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    Gabriel replied

    No problem Jan, great to hear it's working.