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Website Broke After Changing Something In Page Editor


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    waynelam49 started the conversation

    So I was just messing around in the page editor when suddenly my site broke. I had removed wavy-border css and added a fade in background color to one section and when I updated the site it broke and is now only displaying the HTML/CSS. I've tried disabling the theme and all plugins and reactivating the default twenty-nineteen theme but it's still broken. I have no idea what's happened. I'm hoping I can get my site back online!

    Any idea as to what I can do to fix it??

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    Gabriel replied

    Most likely the page json got corrupted.

    Did you manage to fix it? If not, send me the page json (code you see on the page) and I'll try to fix it.

  •   waynelam49 replied privately
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    Gabriel replied

    Hi, the code you sent is incomplete.

    • Try this:
    • switch to classic view
    • copy the code
    • create a new page and switch to classic view
    • paste the code and update the page

    If it switches to composer automatically, code is good.

    If it's not working, use this validator: https://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/

    Look for text blocks that break to next line:


    Use a text editor to revert the text to a single line, then check again with the validator.