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    Rafael started the conversation

    In the mobile version of my site, after selecting a menu item, how do we get it to auto-close.  It stays open on mobile and is in the way. 

    In your demo of the template, the menu works well. in the downloadable template does not work the option to close the mobile menu by clicking on any link of this. 

    I activate the option of onepage in the template options and it does not work either... can you support me, please?

    The version of my template is  Sole 1.3

    Thank you

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    Gabriel replied

    Hi Rafael, this is a bug in the theme that we already fixed on our end. It will be included in v.1.4.

    To fix it, replace wp-content/plugins/hybrid-composer/scripts/script.js

    You might need to test in a private tab to see the changes.

    Attached files:  script.js

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    Rafael replied

    thank you very much for your support Dude,  it works now!

  • switch_bcn replied

    Hi Gabriel, sorry to glom onto this ticket but I've replaced the script with the one provided and I'm still seeing the mobile menu staying open after you select an item. The page underneath scrolls to the correct anchor, but the menu doesn't hide. Any ideas? Can you let me know what else I can provide you to help figure this out please?

    Attached files:  Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 11.21.00 AM.png

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    Gabriel replied

    Hi, your link points to a custom html website. Is this the one you wanted to share?