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Before and after slider


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    Tania started the conversation

    Hi, I need to include a before and after slider. i have installed the twenty twenty plugin in wp, how do i get a short code to put in the text box. 

    Pls explain what i should be doing? 

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    Gabriel replied

    Hi, all you need to do is add a text block element and paste this shortcode:

    [twenty20 img1="10" img2="20" direction="vertical" offset="0.5" align="right" width="60%" before="Before" after="After" hover="true"]

    These are the parameters:

    • img1 – image id.
    • img1 – image id.
    • offset – 0.1 to 1.0.
    • direction – horizontal|vertical.
    • align – none|right|left.
    • width – Support both px and %.
    • before – Text.
    • after – Text.
    • hover – true or false.

    To get the image id, go to Media Library, switch to list view, then hover an image and look at the bottom of the browser for "post=". That number is the media id. This video shows exactly how it's done:

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    Tania replied

    Thanks so much.

    Is there a way that I can put more than two  photos for before and after? so that you can use arrow to go to next batch of before and afters.?

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    Gabriel replied

    Unfortunately not. I tried on my end and it seems the plugin frame won't load inside a slider container.