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URGENT HELP - Menu issue on Ipad Pro


  • Joshua started the conversation

    Hey there,

    hope you can help us out real quick! 

    We just launch a customer website and have menu logo issues on Ipad pro. The menu is not collapsing and the logo is showing up way to big and overlapping the menu. 

    We removed the button from the naviagtion menu. We noticed that your demo would likely also show the same issue as we are facing if the button would be removed.

    Please take a look and let me know your thoughts. Is there any way to adapt the nav menu breakingpoint to break earlier? 

    hope you can help us out,

    kind regards

    Joshua Majchrzack

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    Gabriel replied

    Hi Joshua, I see that logo looks too big on desktop too. Both logo and retina logo have the same size:

    Changing the breakpoint wouldn't be a great solution since it will also affect some desktop screens.

    I recommend you make the logo smaller. I've cropped and resized the logo for you. In Theme Options - Menu, use 53 for Logo Height and 9 for Logo Margin Top. This should also fix the issue on iPad.

    Let me know how it works.

    Attached files:  logo.png

  • Joshua replied

    Wow Thanks for that quick reply Gabriel. It is much appreciated!

    I have added the settings which you suggested. 

    I have no retina display add hand right now as I am nomore at office. Would you kindly have a check if this has helped?

    Many thanks and as I said, we appreciate the fast support much,

    kind regards


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    Gabriel replied

    Looks good, but margin top still needs to be adjusted for retina view. Non retina looks good. Not sure why this happens, but this should fix it (add it to Theme Options - Customizations - CSS Global):

    img.logo-retina {
        margin-top: 9px!important;
        height: 53px!important;

    Let me know and I'll check again.

  • Joshua replied

    Just added it. 

    So greatful for your help thanks Gabriel this was the fastest support we have ever had.

    Have a great day :) 

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