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Masonry List Menu sort arrow on Desktop


  • cmoto started the conversation

    When using the Masonry List component and choosing the menu style "Simple" in the composer widget, it uses a very subtle underline to highlight the current category being shown. I really like this technique for showing the active state.

    But theres this little arrow that allows the user to sort items in ascending or descending order which also get's highlighted with an underline when clicked. And then it stays there. This means the category is no longer highlighted. Now users don't know which category they clicked.

    Is it possible to stop the arrow from having this behavior within the menu? 

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    Gabriel replied

    Hi, it does make sense to have the underline only on categories. Let me see what I can do and I'll get back to you.

    As for the mobile menu, it was designed this way, because it's filtering not navigation. Let me see if I can make it close on click with some javascript.

  • cmoto replied

    Wow that would be great. Thank you for looking into these things.

  • cmoto replied

    Were you able to figure anything out on either of these?

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    Gabriel replied

    Unfortunately it's harder than I thought. Let me look into it a bit more and I'll get back with an answer tomorrow.

  •   cmoto replied privately
  • cmoto replied

    Still looking for a way to close that menu when a category is clicked. On mobile it covers the entire screen and the user doesn't see that anything changed. Any ideas?

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    Gabriel replied

    What you can do is use a script to close the mobile menu when you click an item. The problem is the menu script records the number of clicks, so after it's closed, you need to click it twice to open it again.

    You can add this to Theme Options - Customizations - JavaScript Global to see what I mean:

    jQuery(function($) { 
    $(".maso-list  .navbar-collapse").click(function(){

    Really sorry but there's no other way to do this. The only option would be to rewrite the whole masonry menu script.