Different logo on specific page

The logo you set on Theme Options - Main Settings will be used throughout your site.

To use a different logo on a specific page, follow these steps:

1. Go to Media - Add New and upload your logo files (both normal and retina)

2. Click on each of them and copy the full link (right pane)

3. Go to your page (live preview), open browser inspector and look for page-id, inside the body tag:

For homepage, you'll use "home" instead of "page-id-number". In this case, page id is "page-id-6".

4. Add the following code to Theme Options - Customizations - Javascript Global:

    $('.page-id-6 .logo-default').attr('src', 'default-logo-link');
    $('.page-id-6 .logo-retina').attr('src', 'retina-logo-link');

5. Replace page id number with your id and default-logo-link with your logo link (same for retina).