Theme options panel

Go to WordPress menu > Appearance > Theme options. The theme settings are global settings for different parts of your website.

Main Settings

  • Logo Website logo, showed on top menu
  • Secondary logo Website secondary logo, used on transparent menu and middle logo menus.
  • Retina logo @2x version for the Logo
  • Secondary retina logo @2x version for Secondary Logo
  • Favicon Website favicon, PNG format
  • Logo margin top Use this to adjust the positioning of your logo on the header; the bigger your logo is, the lower the margin needs to be
  • Font family Select the main font family for your website. The fonts are provided by Google Fonts, you can preview the fonts on fonts.google.com
  • Font family 2 Select the secondary font family for your website.
  • Icon family Select the icon family for your website, available on Hybrid Composer components.
  • Main color Main color of your website
  • Hover color Hover color of your website
  • Color 3 Used in some skins
  • Color 4 Used in some skins
  • Smooth scroll Add a nice scroll effect on page scroll


  • Layout Set the site layout, full width or boxed
  • Boxed layout background Add a background to all the pages of your website; only for boxed layout
  • Site width Set the overall site width in px
  • Section top \ bottom padding Set the top \ bottom padding for page sections
  • Full width left \ right padding Set the left \ right padding for full width sections
  • Column margins Set the top \ bottom margins for all column sizes
  • Title and elements margins Set the bottom margins for some elements like the titles and text blocks
  • Left sidebar width Set the width of the left sidebar
  • Right sidebar width Set the width of the right sidebar
  • RTL - Right To Left Enable the right to left layout


  • Menu type Select the menu type
  • Menu animation Animation on hover of menu dropdown items
  • Transparent menu Set transparent style for your menu
  • Hamburger menu Adds a hamburger menu icon instead of menu; click to expand the menu; only for side menus
  • Lateral dropdown Dropdown items appear on the right of the side menu; only for side menu
  • Wide menu Full width menu layout; only for horizontal menus
  • One page Activate it for one page and fullPage websites
  • Fixed top Menu is always visible on top; only for horizontal menus
  • Search box Show a search box on the right side of menu
  • Search button Show a search button on the right side of menu
  • Social icons Show the social icons; you can set the icons on Social and API tab
  • Centered Center the menu vertically; only for side menus
  • Full width mega menu Set full width sizes for the dropdown mega menu; only for horizontal menus
  • Columns top padding Top padding of the columns of the mega menu; only for mega menus
  • WPML Lan menu Show the WPML language selector on the menu; you must install and activate the WPML plugin
  • Menu position Menu position of horizontal menus; only for horizontal menus
  • Top logo Show the logo above the menu, on top of the page; only for middle logo menu
  • Top icons Change the icons position of icons menu from left to top; only for icons menus
  • Custom area content Custom content showed on top mini menu; HTML is permitted
  • Middle box content Custom content for middle box menu; HTML is permitted
  • Logo height Controls the main logo height of menu
  • Menu height Set the menu height; only for horizontal menus
  • Menu margin left Menu margin left, use this option for centred logo menus
  • Activate top menu If activate the main menu show a secondary menu bar on top.


  • Footer type Set the footer type; for parallax footer, you must also select the height
  • Social icons Show the social icons; you can set the icons on Social and API tab
  • CSS Classes Add custom CSS classes separated by space
  • Wide Full width footer without container
  • Columns layout Set the footer layout
  • Scroll top button Show the scroll to top button on the bottom right of the page
  • Footer background Add a background image to the footer
  • Left, center, right areas Add the footer content here; HTML is permitted
  • Copyright text The text at the bottom of the footer, usually used for the copyright text


  • Blog page Select the page of your blog archive. To show the items edit the page and insert the Grid list - Post type component or the Masonry list - Post type component
  • Blog options All the options are provided by the components


  • Shop menu Show the cart menu of WooCommerce shop on main header
  • Shop sidebar Select the sidebar for shop archive page; set the sidebar contents on Appearance > Widgets
  • Product sidebar Select the sidebar for single product item of the shop; set the sidebar contents on Appearance > Widgets
  • Shop page Select the main shop page if it's different from the default WooCommerce shop archive page

Page titles

  • Title type Select the title type
  • Title background Add a background image for the title; all title types support background image, video type can require it for mobile; title slider supports up to 3 images
  • Video background Set background video; only for video title type
  • Parallax Set parallax effect for the title background
  • Ken-burn effect Set the ken-burn animation; supported only for image title with parallax active
  • Full screen Set the height of the title to full screen size
  • Overlay Add a overlay pattern over the title background
  • Titles Set the titles and subtitles for the various pages


  • Javascript global Javascript block loaded in every page; insert the code without tags; use '' for text values
  • CSS global CSS block loaded in every page
  • Custom CSS If activated a custom.css file is created into the custom folder of theme root and loaded in every page of your website
  • Custom javascript If activated a custom.js file is created into custom folder of theme root and loaded in every page of your website
  • Custom php If activated a custom.php file is created into custom folder of theme root and loaded in every page of your website
  • Export settings Export all settings of your website in a json file
  • Import settings Import settings by pasting the text of theme-options.json file or your exported json file

Social and API

Insert the links of your social channels, these links will be used on menu and footer.

You must insert the Google API KEY before using the maps, you can get your key here: developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/, click on top right button GET KEY.

Demo Import

Here you can import the included demos.