Getting started - Read this first

Hi, thanks for purchasing this theme. We're all part of a great community and we really appreciate your support. We'll also do our best to build great products and offer you the best customer experience.

If you're an experienced WordPress user, you can skip this part and use the search function to find answers to your questions. We covered a lot of instructions on our articles so please take a few minutes to look for solutions here before submitting a ticket. And if a topic isn't covered yet, we'll turn your ticket into an article, so on the other hand, if you can't find a solution to your problem here, please ask for help, we'll be glad to assist you and personally thank you for your trust and support.

If you're just getting started with WordPress, you might find this theme a bit difficult to use, as it's the case with other themes on themeforest.net. As WordPress becomes more popular, more complex features and options are added to themes each day, so creating a website should be easy, but dealing with lots of options can get overwhelming for a new user. Here's how we recommend you start:

  1. Read this article by wpbeginner. It a good source of information for beginners.
  2. When you're familiar with WordPress, go ahead and download the theme from themeforest.net. Please note that there are two types of packages you can download: the complete package, that contains the theme, documentation, demo data, etc. (do not upload this zip file on theme install) and the installable theme zip (this is the file you should upload on install).
  3. Install the theme. You can either install from WordPress or using FTP, so make sure you read the appropriate article.
  4. Import the demo content. It's the best way to play around with the theme and learn to use it.
  5. Read Hybrid Composer overview. Our themes use Hybrid Composer page builder. It's fairly easy to use but the guide will help you learn a lot about it.
  6. Read the article about Theme Options. The Theme Options panel is the theme's "command center"; all major settings like branding, fonts, colors, header settings, footer, etc. are adjusted there so make sure you read the guide.
  7. Go ahead and play around with the content you imported. Change some settings, add new elements, move components around. We've created a page with all the elements, so you can get a glance on the potential of Hybrid Composer.
  8. Now you can start building your website either from scratch or by starting with a pre-made demo.

We know there's a bit of learning needed before using the theme, but you'll master it and you'll understand it's true potential. Hopefully this short guide was helpful but feel free to ask for help whenever needed. Good luck!

SoCanny Team.