Update the theme

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the update, please make a backup copy of the current version (better be safe than sorry):

  • Log into your hosting space via a FTP software (eg. FileZilla).
  • Go to wp-content/plugins and make a backup hybrid-composer folder
  • Go to wp-content/themes and make a backup of landkit folder
  • Go to Tools - Export - All
  • Go to Appearance - Theme Options - Customizations and click on Export Settings; save the page as export.json
  • Keep all the files somewhere safe.

NOTICE: This theme uses Hybrid Composer plugin for it's core functionalities. It's important that you also update this plugin, as instructed below.

To update the theme:

  • Go to Plugins, disable and delete Hybrid Composer plugin
  • Go to Appearance - Themes and activate a different theme
  • On LandKit, click on theme details then delete (bottom right)
  • Click on Add New, install and activate the updated theme (landkit.zip)
  • Install and activate Hybrid Composer (as prompted)

To check if the theme was successfully updated, go to Theme Options and check the version on the top right.

If you encounter any errors, use the backup to revert to the previous version, then open a support ticket and we'll assist with the update.